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Fishing w/ GIANT LIVE TADPOLES as Bait!!! (Bass CANDY)

We trapped tadpoles in a pond then used them for bait to catch Giant fish in a pond! These tadpoles were giant, lively and slow moving and the Big bass LOVED them. Have you ever fished with tadpoles?

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  1. I know it's now what this channel is about but, it's great to see a man raising his son to be normal in the face of schools, government and society telling them what sex you are is nothing but a state of mind and hormones can make to look the way you feel all without the knowledge of a 12 year olds parents their child is given hormones. Good to see a great father teaching his kid outdoors like we all did rather than
    Talking to othe confused children. Give kids hormones and Subscribe them to a life of depression and confusion. Good job Milliken.

  2. I love fishing and I took my son when he was young and on his first cast, he caught a bass just about that size. I was thrilled. He looked at me and said "Can I go play basketball now" UUUGGGHHH Max reminds me of my boy. 🙂

  3. Hey love all the videos fishing with your son. Charish all the moments with him. Teaching our kids they way of the outdoors is so important. Making sure they are taught the right way is even more important.

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