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Fishing w/ BIG Baits for GIANT Bass (Bank Fishing)

In todays bass fishing video we go fishing with big baits for giant bass while bank fishing! What is your favorite big bait to catch some giant bass while bank fishing? Do you go bank fishing? What is your favorite bait to throw while bank fishing for giant bass? What big baits would you like us to go bank fishing with next? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / bank fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on these giant bass fishing videos / bank bass fishing videos. Now lets go catch some giant bass while bank fishing with big baits!

Worlds First GoPro Fishing Lure –

Lego Swimbait Catches Giant Fish –

Lego Lure Catches Fish –

Last Bank Bass Fishing Video –

Another Bank Bass Fishing Video –

More Bank Bass Fishing Videos –

Big Bass Energy –

First State Fishing –

Ryan Iz Fishing –

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  1. You break off more than anybody I’ve ever seen. Something’s got to give. Tie better knots, check line for frays, RE-TIE, use better line (try sunline sniper), and maybe don’t crank your drag down so tight. Drag is there for a reason, but nobody ever uses it.. people just tighten all the way like they are fishing a frog or something.

  2. I only watch 2 fishing channels on you tube and you guy get me the hypest to get out there and upgrade my PB. Im new to this bass fishing and I thank you guys love your channel. Keep up the good work. Tight lines bruh

  3. You should do another cheap vs expensive frog challenge but use the poppin pickle vs a frog from wish. I just bought my first poppin pickle and i absolutely love it. And maybe consider doing a cheap vs expensive lip less crank bait like the red eyed shad vs something off of wish or something like that. Give me a shoutout!!!!! @KickinTheirBASSTV

  4. Video suggestion letting Siri pick my fishing bait. You count the beats on the wall then you asked Siri to pick a number out of the number on the wall.

  5. Duuuude sante thing happened to me. A big swimbait I had snapped at a knot in my reel and I started throwing a rattletrap near it and eventually got the line. Super happy when it worked lol. Was lucky it was a slow floater lol.

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