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FISHING SIM WORLD Gameplay | Big Bass Tour #1 | How Did We Do? | Bass Fishing | PC, PS4, XBox One

Help Jake Vegas Digital make REAL LIFE Fishing Videos: This is fishing sim world gameplay. Today we take part in our first fishing sim world tournament– the big bass tour. Check it out and see what place we finish in. Hopefully we land some big bass while out there bass fishing.

Fishing Sim World is one of the new fishing games 2018, available on PC, PS4, and XBox One.

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  1. Back in 2010 when Rapala came out for PS3, they had a lake called Lake Casitas. I moved to California for a job and thought that sounds like a California name. Sure enough I found out it was a real lake about 4 hours from me. The video game nailed the accuracy of that lake from the definition to the fish. Talked my wife into going there. Google images showed pigs named Bass. They look like fish but they're pigs with huge guts. Anyways, we went there, rented a boat, and fished for a day. Didn't catch anything but had fun anyways. Seen alot of cool things like deer on the cliffs, Hawks, fish took my wife's bait but she didn't know how to set the hook properly. Fun time regardless.

  2. You know it's funny, when I played Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010, which I believe is the best fishing game, I seen they had a lake called Lake Casitas. It made me think, is this a real lake? It sounds Californian! Sure enough I looked it up and it was 6 hours away from me. My wife and I packed up one weekend and went fishing! I looked up the game map, real map, looked around and thought how cool is this?! I'm at the lake that was in a video game! We didnt catch shit but I'll always remember that! My wife did have a hit but she didn't know what to do and it got away. She should've played the game I guess haha. The fish from that lake are pigs though. Google it.

  3. the sound for reeling in is pretty awful and doesn't really line up with what's happening.

    also: do the fish move? seems like if you see it on the graph it just stays in place easy peasy. And 40 lbs on day 1 is 8th or 9th place? Not really realistic at all. Seems like everyone was just raking in trophy smallies and 9+lb largemouth. Not really a sim. And to top it off you can't even use the trolling motor 🙁 Is it just drive around, look for large fish icon.. throw basically anything at it and it' bite?

  4. Also NY don't usually get that big of LM, as well here in MN my biggest is 8 lbs 6 oz, seems like you gotta go farther down south for the double digits, I think they get bigger down there because the lakes don't freeze so their food source, frogs, bugs, ducks, etc are available year round where up north they are not!!

  5. Move your rod around while reeling it in giving twitches and stuff to give it action, when using hard baits with treble hooks you wanna set the hook quicker than with soft plastics you give it a second like you would in real life, that's what it means about the strike and how you set the hook!

  6. Fishing games are supposed to relieve stress not cause stress ! This game is cancer ! And there is nothing accurate about anything in this trash game, we are in 2018 not 2005. This game is an underdeveloped piece of shit and you can’t even make progress or earn money. The tournaments are bullshit, the A I will always beat you . I’ve been playing for 2 days and only have 14,000 points. Every time you pay your entry fee to the tournament you lose more money than you win, if you win. This game is a fraud and I would rather play sega on the PlayStation 2.

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