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Fishing Palos Verdes KELP FOREST for BIG CALICO BASS

Took a solo trip out to the kelp beds to have my hand at some big bass! The calicos were in full effect with the new moon and rising tide! Ended up with over 20 fish and some big ones in the mix. Fun day!


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  1. you make it look so easy, but I don't even see that many calico basses even with free diving in that area. tell me your secret~~~ LoL
    thank you for sharing bro~~

  2. Quarantine has been real boring I used to fish right there at that porch that's on Palos Verdes has he go down the trail but now I can't fish there no more cuz they're ticketing everybody please hit me up bro I really appreciate it man thanks

  3. Hey what's up my friend my name is Erin bro hey was just wondering man I'll pay for the gas to get out there if you take me fishing with you one of these days I'll give you my number man I've always wanted to fish out there and never had a chance or a way to do it my number is 909 436 7613 hit me up bro I'll pay for the beers and the gas

  4. Just got me a lil 12’ aluminum and was looking to get out of the break wall one of these days. Is this like a moderate day on the water or a pretty calm day? How deep is it out there, no problem dropping anchor?

  5. i always wanted to fish on top of the kelp at palos verdes, I was only able to do rock/shore fishing (with tons of snags)
    a fiend of mine said he fished at about the same distance you were from shore and the were landing halibuts left n right.
    would love to see you jigging for some halibut out there sometime! thanks for sharing your fishing adventure!

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