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Day 1 and 2 of the bassmaster open here on the James river a couple weeks ago. Had a great time, learned a ton and caught some fish! Do you guys think I should make a run at fishing these bigger events as a boater in the future? Let me know down below.

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Miami Peacock Bass Fishing (Scott Rose)
Saint Clair Musky Fishing (Mark Kornosky)
SW Virginia Musky Fishing (Sam Scott)
Lake Vermillion Minnesota Musky Fishing (AJ Weisner)


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  1. Came back to watch some river fishing videos, man this whole video was great. Steve โ€œboater 2โ€ was great and you were working the back of the boat like a pro. That boat looks huge on GoPro too ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Run up to the chickahominy that's the key to win any tournament on the James hard to do when you're a coangler though. Not even worth being in the opens as a co angler especially a dude that over the top emotional ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ

  4. The list of rules in the opens is long. I know a lot of people are commenting about the day one guy, but letโ€™s put it into perspective: heโ€™s the pro, the co is the amateur. The cost to fish co is like 1/4 the cost of pro. In the rules the pro cannot stop, ask, or bribe the co into not fishing. He also cannot intentionally make it impossible for the co to fish. The co cannot fish from the bow or operate the boat unless in an emergency, the co canโ€™t cast over the pro.

    But look hereโ€™s the deal, a lot of people can afford to go be a co in the opens repeatedly. Itโ€™s even encouraged prior to going pro to learn as much as you can. Itโ€™s very expensive to fish the pro side and most will only get the chance once because of how financially demanding it is. So they have potentially 9 tournaments if they fish all the regions to make a name, get sponsors, and enough points to make it to the elites or to just stabilize and fish for a career.

    If you are wanting to be a co, take it as a learning experience. Your paying money for knowledge, not for the chance at winning money. Be courteous to the pro and allow him/her to have the best % chance at getting a good bag each day.

    If you ever go pro and you have a co on your boat. Teach the co as much as you can without sacrificing the tournament.

  5. As someone who co anglers a lot, I felt the pain of trying to stay cool, collective and supportive (referring to day 1). As a second line in the water, you only think of how not to get in the way, catch biggins and contribute what you can. It goes a long way when your captain considers your view and puts you on or at least gives you the chance to. As a captain, I know the pain all too well so Iโ€™m always making sure we have even grounds covering water.

  6. Fishing is all I do and I really enjoy your content very much I love looking at the fish you catch there all so beautiful ๐Ÿ˜Š I am young kid fishing YouTuber are there any suggestions in my YouTube you could make it is called FishForDinner I am quite proud please check it out I know your probably Busy but I work really hard on it and it is my dream you have no idea how much I would appreciate it and I appreciate everyone who helps me along the way๐Ÿ˜Ž

  7. I thought the boater was his teammate until he went to weigh in and only weighed his one fish. Is the boater just another person in the tournament? They do that to reduce amount of boats in the water, or how does that work?

  8. You were in the race and that in itself was a Learning experience. Now is the time to get on . Get back to doing what you did a couple of years ago and have fun. When you have fun we have fun . Get your old buddy from the 50 state trip and rejoin him as you two were a fantastic team . You donโ€™t need Pro Bass tournaments. Just be yourself .

  9. Hey man, I fished a creek on the James that week on Saturday. I was kayak fishing and Iโ€™ll tell you what, I did pretty good up in the creek a ways. I know youโ€™re at the mercy of the boater so thatโ€™s tough. Enjoyed the vid!

  10. great fishing as always, i remember a while back you talked about some people trying to get lake M reopened to the public and news on that? What can people who are local do to help?

  11. Congrats man. Be proud of yourself, good accomplishment to even be apart of a BASS open! Love to see you do more! If your ever back in Ohio around salt fork area let me know, love to fish with you brother!!

  12. Everyone should aim to be like Steve that man fishing bassmaster classic like it's just another fishing with his buddy. The other guy definitely was putting himself in a position to catch fish and not you but Steve was all about sharing, offering to help with every fish , super cool dude

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