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Giant swimbait catches multiple trophy pike and bass on the Mississippi River

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  1. I went fish with my dad and caught a 4 pound channel catfish and I’m only 10 years old and then caught a 3 pound channel catfish again that was the best fishing trip of my life

  2. I go up to Canada every year and go pike/musky fishing and it is so much fun. My dads brother from another mother caught a 56’ Muskie I believe

  3. I was only 4 and I was using a uglystick button push. I had my grandpa’s lucky spinnerbait which we still have and I set the hook into which my dad said was a tree. It then jumped outa the water and he went waist deep to get it. It was 8.37 lbs still my pb to this day.(Largemouth)

  4. My most memorable catch was when I was about 10 years old and I caught a perch that I was absolutely struggling with!! It felt like a 12 lb bass with my 10 year old scrawny arms!! My big brother still gives me shit about it to this day and I’m 43 years old!! Lmao!! Great video man!! Keep it up!!

  5. TEMU is a Chinese company that reports all the information they gather to the Chinese Communist Party. Definitely would not order from them….unless you’re a sheep…then by all means go ahead.

  6. My most memorable catch was on the Mississippi and It was a really good sized northern I was really young like 7 but I still remember it because I got it on the boat but it was so heavy my dad had to help me but right when they were about to take the picture it flopped out of my hands but it was still a amazing experience

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