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Fishing Hack – Catching Big Bass from Shore

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  1. I love scouting for little fishing spots on the River here in Virginia and actually found a nice set of Waders on Amazon Warehouse for 10 bucks just so I can get to some of those little eddy pools and jetties where the river turns backwards and I know I’m tossing a Frog when it warms up. This is my first year back fishing after 2 Decades off and the first time ever using a Topwater Frog, I’ve caught one fish on the Frog lol and that’s all it took to get hooked.

  2. Drones are great for finding fish, it doesn't matter where. They're awesome at the beach, and from a boat for using to find schools of cobia or migrating tarpon in saltwater for example.

  3. "Pond Fish'n is not Fish'n in my opinion to some degree. I just left North Carolina & fishing in a pond (no matter the size) is not it for me It feels to easy"

  4. Another excellent video, and definite food for thought. I may have to try again to learn to fly a quad-drone. What brand is that camo jacket you were wearing?

  5. Doing shoreline or bank fishing, and carry half a dozen fishing rods. With a heavy tackle bag. Give it two hundred yards struggling through brush and it dawns on you. This is not as much fun as I had imagined. And you figure out ways fast to slim equipment down. Avoiding every single component that is unnecessary.

  6. I was so glad to see this video, shore fishing is my groove. unfortunately where I fish drones aren't permitted. Throw in some crazy thick lily pads, and you're in my world, Haha.

  7. It's the future for sure. Get a HUD built into our sunglasses and a couple of microdrones like the ones in the Divergent movie series… that'd be sweet. Boat fishing, bank fishing, anything. Great tool.

  8. Without going thru a bunch of vids or comments or seeing you get arrested by Alabama water patrol did you go with the stinger 18’ model? Getting a new tin rig to compliment the 205 pred! Israel and chap said hey btw

  9. Bro that's exactly how it started out for me. Bank to kayak to bass boat to bass tournaments. Man, it's such a pleasure and joy to watch your vids and I've been subscribed for a long time. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. P.S….you wouldnt be a good contestant for Naked and Afraid…lol

  10. Sure. Let’s just rename the sport “knowing” instead of fishing. Screw exploring and discovering in any natural way. Just another way to keep dumbing down the experience.

  11. Awesome video, BLat! I haven't gotten to drones yet, but I've really started to appreciate those castable sonars for getting a feel of the terrain at smaller ponds/lakes. Would definitely recommend a model with GPS mapping for any bank beaters that are considering one!

  12. You should do more bank fishing videos I love this video and there are lots of us bank anglers that can't afford boats but love to fish. 🎣 keep up the good work 👍🏼

  13. Yo, awesome video B Lat. I love the inclusion of technology to help inform better bank angling! As important as weather, water color, structure, etc are, I wonder if anyone has ever made something like a matrix that allows someone to plug in some of those factors to help figure out what baits would be best in a particular situation?

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