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Taylor, Nick and myself out for a beautiful evening of fishing.
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  1. Vertical pictures work better on Instagram? ….I learned something new today. I always shoot horizontally and they get jacked up when I post, now I know why. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Ronie camaro has the worst luck drinking doe urin thought it was liquor and now taking a pinch of rotten wax worms andthought it was tobaco and passed out 😮what can you say sounds like a saturday night live episode

  3. Hey, quick question for you Dave. I haven’t fished for northern pike since I lived in Michigan back in the 70s. We always use steel leaders back then because of their many sharp teeth. All we ever used was monofilament back then. With the modern fishing lines they have out would you be better off using a heavier braid or floral carbon for a leader or would you stick with the steel leaders ?

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