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Fishing For Uber Aggresive Bass in Arizona Canals!

Going out to Arizona canals to fish for Fiesty Bass! We had some trouble with hooksets but all in all, we went out and had a great time!

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  1. Hey brother

    I got 1 question to ask from ya and I think I may have a tip for ya too.

    My first question is… I just wanted to ask whereabouts are you fishing these canals? You obviously don’t have to be specific but I wanted to ask. Certainly not asking for you to give away your spots 😆. Are these canals in the west valley? Like Glendale area canals? Paradise Valley? Scottsdale? Mesa?

    The reason I ask is because I’ve heard the canals that are further north, like the ones that are closer to the lake source are far better for fishing. There is a major canal that runs down near the Black Canyon Freeway by Castles and Coasters for instance. And another major canal in east Mesa that is REALLY GOOD just north of Power Road and McDowell. Both of these canals are SUPER WIDE and much deeper because they are so close to the Salt River/Saguaro and Verde River/Bartlett. I’ve seen pictures of 70 pound flatheads caught out of em and ten plus largies.

    Lastly bro the tip I wanted to give you is regarding the “Agent E” swimbait from Berkley. It’s basically a knockoff of the Dark Sleeper only the HOOK-UPS ARE SOOOOO MUCH BETTER with that thing. I can personally vouch for it. I have a lot of issues getting a solid hook set with the Dark Sleeper even after bending the hook out with pliers slightly. I basically switched over to the Agent E and I don’t have those problems anymore.

    Anyways man. Just wanted to thank you for all the videos and give you a small tip of what I know. 🤷🏻‍♂️. It’s not much but maybe it can help you out. My stepdad used to fish those major canals way back even in the 80’s and they had giant bass in them then. Some of them EVEN HAVE SHAD SCHOOLS!The Shad spawn in em and everything! Good luck bro and thx for all the info and vids!

  2. I love the sleeper but same issue they spit it out like my EX! I have great luck with rooster tails! Just as many bites but that treble hook on them SLAY!

  3. Hey buddy I love your videos your the only reason why I still fish the Canels in AZ If you don’t mind can I just know the cross streets to the 3rd Canel u would really appreciate it man thanks

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