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Fishing Deep Hydrilla In Florida

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  1. And the private lake fish here in the super clear water are fidgety, nothing like central and northern Florida. You can dead stick here with a senko, one day and the next you can’t catch nothing. Weirdest fish down here

  2. South Florida, like broward county and dade, summer is too hot, we have the only tropical climate in the nation. I’d say August-September is the best and pre summer, may -April ish frogging

  3. Only draw back from FL bass is sometimes for some weird reason a little 1lb bass will fight like he's huge and a bigger bass will come up like nothing. Mayan cichlids, and a couple other fish around here fight harder than the bigger bass its crazy

  4. Yes sir they not lying! Just got home now to watch some videos and in 3 hours in the morning from 830-12pm caught at least 7-8 and 4 were over 2lbs, one 4 pounder that was doing things I've never seen bass do he was basically swimming in 2in of water with his back completely sticking out for a couple yards threw the fluke in front of him and he smashed it. Have fun in FL there's piggies hitting anything rn and like you said around or under grass

  5. Brian, I support Carl‘s tackle for two years and you get the same bullshit you spent all your good money the deals are not what you expect you spend money you get the same thing last year. I’ve got the snips the scissors in the weight three times I had to argue because I spent over five $600 to get a dry bag. I don’t get it.😮 I get it’s a business, but when you’re out there, talking about these deals, their deals because of stuff isn’t worth it they lie about the shipments😮 there should be four people just starting out and the good stuff should be for the people that know what’s going on not their warehouse trying to tell me who has been fission for 20 years. What they sent me when it’s all on camera

  6. Why don't you throw bigger lures bro, I crush here in okc on 6 to 8 inch glides or soft body and our fish not even built like that, I catch 5s all the time bc that technique

  7. When people ask me whats your PB i think that question is so over rated. I seen newbies that caught giants the key is Consistency catching big bass or hell bass in general makes you a good angler. Or targeting big bass with certain techniques like big glides.

  8. Not for nothing man… Here on Long Island NY we have to deal with that crap from June on.. Thanks for giving me hope fishing in that Crap
    Y'all keep playing with them Gators

  9. Absolutely love the Magic Man 75! That bad boy is responsible for 2 or 3 of my Summer Classic fish. Lol the gator…actually caught a 3 ft gator on the magic man 75 also. Luckily i was able to pop it off 😅. GL on the hunt for the DD!

  10. Good video bro an a simple one you hit that one dont wannabe the first black man ate bye a gator thats the only bad thing about Florida. Tight lines an good luck on the double digit hunt

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