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Fishing Buggs Island BFL! Mistakes were made in this tournament

It was a tough one. This is quite possibly one of the most pressured lakes in the state, and coming off the BASS open the week prior fishing wasn’t going to be easy. Practiced for a few days before the event with the boys, and thought I had a decent plan going into the day. Felt like I was losing my mind but fought through the blunders and scrapped together a little bag on a tough day. Being my first year fishing larger field tournaments on new lakes has been difficult, but EXTREMELY fun. I don’t expect to have any crazy good results, but I’m learning and improving with every event which is all that matters to me. Shout out to my co David for crushing it, all the knowledge he shared, keeping me sane and not throwing me off the boat for tossing him off balance and breaking his Stradic.

see ya on the next one

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  1. It's obvious to me this is how you treat people whether the camera is on or not. Well done! I fish the Ozark division as a co and couldn't agree with you more about the BFLs. The learning experience is second to none.

  2. Grrrrrr YT. It unsubed me from your channel. I was wondering why I hadn't seen your vids lately so I looked you up and sure enough. Missed your content.

  3. Solid day of finding the fish, even if you struggled to boat some of them. Just needed one of those Stripers or Cats to be a bass! Maybe Angler’s Choice can send your co a new reel 😉🎣

  4. Great video! Thanks so much for sharing the adventure, even though it was a tough tournament for you. Sometimes that's the way it goes. Always enjoy watching your videos and looking forward to the next adventure buddy! As always, #SBFISHING rocks!!!

  5. Matt, from what I saw, on the video your co-angler David was a good guy. Take some solace in the fact that he won some money. Looks like you've had a fun summer regardless of the fact that you're $2,100 down (easy for me to say!). As always, great video.

  6. Competition is tough — esp when ya move up; the number of lines in the water, avg size of fish for the body of water …. so many variables to consider. Gotta give the bigger ones something that is irresistible or piss 'em off; take time. Still think yer gonna move up in the rankings to qual ….. Let's Gooooooo!!!! Be Safe

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