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Fishing BIG SWIMBAITS All Day Pays Off With Multiple BIG Bass

check out the dreamsmasher swimbaits here –

Billy and I weren’t even planning on going fishing last Saturday, but decided on the last second send and planned on only throwing bigger swimbaits. Really stoked on the outcome and it’s been fun playing around with the bigger baits. Hope you guys enjoyed, let me know in the comment section down below if you’d like to see more!


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  1. I live in NJ and am planning a few trips, but want to start with a couple not too far. Are you fishing the Occoquan in this video? If not, if you don't mind, can you let me know where you are? I love to throw big baits and I'd like to go somewhere that they tend to do well. Love your content and really appreciate all your tips and advice. Tight lines!!

  2. im using a international breamslide same reel, but on a kvd lews 7’10 medium action moderate, the tip bends a little more then id like it to and i can feel it in my forearms, biggest rod i seen around me is a 7’11 mojo bass which i could pick up but im not sure what to get to throw giant swimbaits, all the rods are 200+

  3. Another good session, with some terrific big swimbaits. Thank you.
    As a former fishing guide and lifelong fisherman, I just hope that viewers heard loud and clear what you strongly recommended at 40 seconds into the video, i.e., the best way to REALLY learn a type of lure (like large soft swimbaits) is to fish nothing else during a given trip on the water. In my experience, anglers who continually switch lures learn virtually NOTHING about the fish they're targeting OR the baits they're throwing! And that's just as true for me as it is for anyone else.

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  5. Dude, I’m at camp in wv, so take it with a grain of salt, but I watched this vid. You either wear giant hats or you have a freakishly small head. (I got skunked today. Again.) cheers mate!😂⛺️🔥🥃

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