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Fishing a WORM & CRAW (Which Bait’s Catches MORE Bass?)

In this bass fishing video we go river fishing out a worm up against a craw to see which bait catches more fish! This is the worm vs craw fishing experiment. I would love to make more fishing experiment / vs videos so if you like this one please drop a like and comment down below on which baits we should fish with next! Do you like worm fishing? Do you like craw fishing? Do you like fishing with a worm better or fishing with a craw? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / fishing experiment fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on the worm fishing videos / craw fishing videos. Now lets put the worm and the craw face to face and see which is a better bait!

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  1. Crush em on either with that water color… good chatter bait would be good. Good shout out to Noah. Been following you recently love your videos and yes very inspiring to fish. Been fishing off a d on through my life and now it's getting serious. Always been a soft plastic guy. Presentation is the key

  2. I almost never use a worm anymore unless I’m wacky rigging. I have so much more confidence in a craw style soft plastic. Jackal makes the Fivoss that looks like a combo of a craw and bluegill I’ve been just slaying them on!! I literally ran out of all my reddish ones bc they were hitting them so hard. Now I gotta try to find more😂😂😂. The only challenge w JDM brands is finding them!!

  3. You are hooking those fish way to fn hard! You fish in 2 feet of water flipping 1 feet away on a 150 000 $ boat with bulletproof gear unbreakable line and hooks what is the fun of all this lol it's like fishing with dynamite or electroshock at this point……

  4. Big fan out of Charlotte Nc love your tips really have made me a better angler still waiting on my KBTV Baitcasting combo will tag you on Instagram when I get it and get my firs catch on it 😆🎣

  5. Should try to put polarizing film on your gopro, and see if it works as well as sunglasses for glare… just pay attention to what direction you put the film on the lense….

  6. definitely needed this! haven't had luck on the craw yet, but decent on the the super flukes! the heat in my area makes it difficult. thanks for the content !

  7. I recently started bass fishing using a small rowing boat. This man has not let me choose a wrong lure to catch a bass, I caught my pb on a Texas rig. Love your videos❤

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