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Fishing a Jig for Largemouth Bass – Keitech Model 1 Jig Review

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In this video Eric and I head up a creek that is loaded with Largemouth Bass. We decided to bust out the Keitech Model 1 Finesse Jig and targeted isolated cover such as wood along the bank and submerged. We used a variety of trailers and break down the features of this unique jig. Keitech makes some great products and this Keitech Jig gets our fish catching approval. I encourage you to give these jigs a try on your next fishing adventure. They come in a wide range of fish catching colors and sizes.

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  1. After researching the Keitech model 1 jig you both were using today.. I was happy to find something that I find very important… which is type of line tie the hook has… Parallel or perpendicular to the hook shank.
    There are a ton of jigs on the market and a lot of them use a hook that has the line tie perpendicular to the hook shank. I find that can be an issue if you're not paying attention to where you're knot is located before pitching or casting the bait on every cast… when the line tie is parallel to the hook shank it is much less of an issue. It might be because I've always been a huge jig fisherman and I always paid attention to this. I think a lot of people that fish a jig with a perpendicular line tie aren't getting a really good hook set because the line could be to the left or the right of center. If that's the case then the initial part of the hook set is actually pulling the line to the center of the line tie before driving the hook home( probably a little less important when using braided line)… hopefully I explained this well enough for everyone to understand where I'm coming from? This is why I was always a huge fan of the original Stanley jig( my favorite jig of all time) which had a Mustad Needlepoint hook which had the line tie parallel to the hook shank.
    To this day if I find any of these on the shelf of any Mom and Pops tackle shop(or for sale on eBay) no matter how old they are I will buy them all. Even though I know that I will have to replace the skirts because they will be dry rotted and useless. The hook was also the most friendly to sharpen with a file which I think has become a thing of the past because of all the new chemically sharpened hooks.
    You were able to buy these jigs for between $0.99 and $1.59 each back in the day…lol…. and they had very good color selections both in living rubber and silicone skirts….
    I will bet that Eric has some of these jigs hanging on the wall of his tackle cave or in box or bags somewhere…
    This particular jig in various sizes and colors has more bass than any other in the past 30+ years….Starting with the one's by Lonnie Stanley… the inventor of the Stanley jig and spinnerbait.
    Sorry for the long winded story Travis!! Jig fishing is my favorite way to catch them…From water as shallow as 6" for Largemouth to 60-70' for Smallmouth on Winnipesaukee…. definitely like the style of the Keitech jig. Definitely going to have to give them a try because it seems like with the exception of swim jigs these days most of the jig's have a perpendicular line tie.

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