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First Solo Kayak Bass Fishing Report 6-6-2023

Took a kayak out one evening by myself, to an old favorite bass lake that I hadn’t fished in 15 years or more. Wind picked up almost immediately but it was still fun and fish were caught.


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  1. Hey Jeff hope things are going well, I remember you talked about exposure a friend of yours had to the ML water, your friend actually became I’ll and infected, what exactly happened, was it a rare bacterial infection?

  2. Great video, my dad brought my brother and I up fishing bass in various lakes, actually wade fishing at times.. It’s what keeps me hooked on fishing today.You’re going to have to get the kayak in the lagoon, lol j/k. If you hooked one of the reds I caught yesterday in that yak he would have pulled you into the next county, lol

  3. You are right that used to be a killer lake. Unfortunately it has declined over the years. It wasn’t nothing to catch 15 bass in a couple hour trip. I won’t mention the lake btw I like that you switch it up from fresh to salt in your videos.

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