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First Lobster trip of the Summer. Striped Bass Fishing and Lobstering in Maine 2023

went out for a quick trip to haul my recreational lobster traps over my lunch break last week. I caught 7 keepers sized lobster and had time to fish for striped bass on the way back in. Only managed one but it was the first one I caught this season which is always great. Summer will be in full swing soon and I plan to put out a video every Sunday. If you enjoyed the video please like and subscribe to help the channel grow. Below are some of my other popular videos.

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  1. Are you out of Wells? Also if I want to โ€œchunkโ€ lobster from shore, do I use a fresh piece of meat or rip off a whole claw, the way the bigger fish eat them โ€œnaturallyโ€?

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