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Finesse Fall Bass Fishing in Colorado (Denver, CO)

In this video we once again get out and do some fall transition bass fishing with weightless techniques and presentations. As always I hope you all enjoy this video and please consider subscribing to the channel where we post great new content each month.


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  1. Lol itโ€™s always funny when you catch one and someone asks you if you keep them. Lol every time๐Ÿ˜‚ we need to hook up n do some bass fishing I need it at least I havenโ€™t bass fished for a few months lol .. fun video bro!!

  2. I haven't fisjedthat spot I. Years, good to see it looked good ( last year). If you ever want to try float tubing, reply and I'll hit you up. I've got good spots in the Boulder/ thornton area.

  3. Love you videos dude. I moved out to Fort Collins in March and have been fishing non stop. This is really only my second year, but I am geared up on a kayak now lol. If youโ€™re ever down to go fishing in Horsetooth or anything, let me know!! I am trying to learn the area better.

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