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February Bass Fishing Baits (My TOP 4)

February is HERE!! The water is warming up and the bass are starting to bite! Here are my TOP 4 baits for February. 2 for my Northern folks and 2 for my Southern folks. Come on let’s watch!

Ikes Gear Used:
Abu Garcia Revo SX SP Spinning Reel : https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Abu_Garcia_Revo_SX_SP_Spinning_Reels/descpage-AGRSX.html?from=ikedup

Abu Garcia Veritas PLX LTD Spinning Rods : https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Abu_Garcia_Veritas_PLX_LTD_Spinning_Rods/descpage-ALTDS.html?from=ikedup

Abu Garcia Revo SX LP Casting Reels: https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Abu_Garcia_Revo_SX_LP_Casting_Reels/descpage-AGRSI.html?from=ikedup

Abu Garcia Veritas PLX LTD Casting Rods: https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Abu_Garcia_Veritas_PLX_LTD_Casting_Rods/descpage-ALTD.html?from=ikedup


Lipless Crankbaits:


Jig Trailer:

Bladed Jig Trailer:

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  1. Lucky Craft Jerk Bait
    and a Rapala X Rap Jerk Bait, twitch 2 or 3 times and wait …..
    Wait ….. And repeat

    You'll go to Twitch, and it'll feel like a sang . Get ready to hang on !!!!!!!!
    Give it a good pop just in case, then sweep into em .
    Careful, trebble hook , not need for a hard Hookset , ya know.

    Oh, and tungsten two tab lipless crankbait

  2. YouTube is still not alerting 📢 me of your vids, its b.s i tell ya. Thanks Mikey ive been looking forward to this considering i always have your bait picks and we have no ice still

  3. Right on man. Good stuff. It’s so tough out here right now by me just straight chocolate milk, debris all in the water… It’s ugly. I’m really having to try some new techniques and colors I don’t usually use to even attempt to get 1 bite.

  4. In high percentage areas I’ll let my jerkbaits soak for 30 seconds or more then twitch that sucker because there’s a really good chance something is staring at it just waiting for it to go into flight mode and the second you tickle that bugger after the long pause it gets absolutely destroyed!

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