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Everything You Need To Know About Fishing A Senko In The Spring

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  1. Targeting bass on spawning beds is illegal here in Pa.
    Use two rings to wacky rig a worm without the hook angle problem. Can't believe this Kyle guy doesn't know about it.
    Some bad advice in this video.

  2. I caught my first bass last night after watching this. Caught three more after that til it was dark out. Thanks for the tips. I haven’t ever caught a fish on this lake cause I was always going for trout, turns out it’s a great bass lake πŸ˜‚ don’t know why it took me so long to try bass fishing they put up a fantastic fight.

  3. The vmc worm harness is the answer to the o-ring problem. ( or clear shrink tube) Otherwise you’ll be putting lots of plastic in the lake and spending lots of money to replace them.

  4. Thanks guys for all the tips and tricks in this video! Greetings from the Netherlands and bless you guys,Pat

  5. I still figure that anybody that grew up throwing a bubble gum floating work can throw, and skip off a baitcaster, 18 years of fishing and I still have no use for a spinning outfit.. in my opinion if you set your baitcaster correctly you can skip just as good if not better than a spinning rig whether it be a wacky rig, floating worm, fluke or a jig

  6. Hey Kyle thanks great stuff. Yup don’t like o rings but look into vmc crossover rings. Big difference from traditional rings. Has really help my kids an myself stick bait fishing!!!!!πŸ‘

  7. Damn- Kyle's part was just pure product whoring. He needs to realize he has to put some meat of information on the bone-not just hawking 'product"!

  8. I've contended for years that bass do not care about how you have a worm hooked. It is the simple water displacement that makes them strike it MOST of the time. I've caught them on a watermelonseed finesse worm in green water, AT NIGHT. Color matters, but, more often, it is simply getting your worm in a bass' vicinity where they pick up it's water displacement with their lateral line.

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