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Epic Topwater Eats! | Fly Fishing For Bass | Remote River Adventure In A Raft

There’s a spot we haven’t been able to fish very effectively. The banks are steep, and the water is deep. So wading this area has always been tough. So we hatched a plan to pack some 1 man Outcast Float Tubes in on the bass boat to access this hidden area. We wanted to test our new topwater flies out and see what we could find after finally being able to effectively fish this water.

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Flies we used:
Poppin’ Minnow:
Bomber Popper:

Gear we used:
Outcast Float Tubes:
Ross Reels:
Rod Bass Kit:
Fly Line:
Fly Line:

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  1. Great video guys, always love fishing the sculperino. Come up to fish the susquehanna and juniata some time, you will not be disappointed

  2. Finally I’ve been waiting for more bass fishing videos!!!!! I absolutely love you guys and started fly fishing for bass this year because of your videos!!!!! I love you guys

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