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Easy Summer Pattern To Catch Summer Bass All Day Long

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  1. I had a kayak tournament last weekend. Fished the shakey pretty much all day. I caught plenty of bass. Unfortunately, they were all about 12". It wasn't the Shakeyhead's fault tho.

  2. I am a huge shaky head fan in summer! I combine a 1/8 – 3/16 oz shaky head with one of my homemade open pour worms. They float so that soft tail just wiggles and shakes in the current. I like to try to hold that bait in place and just stitch the line or lightly shake it in order to get that worm to dance in place. Awesome as a cleanup presentation or when those fish are pressured and hesitant.

  3. Shakeyhead is big on my Lake. The head Randy is showing is my go to, hangs up less, good hook and relatively inexpensive. I got it from previous videos. Y'all need to try some. Just look at it and think about how it's working different from the others. I wish it came in 3/8 too.

  4. I agree and understand everything that was presented but wondered if a shaky head would work on submergent millfoil . I'm talking about stems that are out from the emergent mill form. Seems like it would work like a Texas rig. What do you think?

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