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Easy Spring Pattern To Catch Bass RIGHT NOW

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  1. I've been adding a tail spinner blade to a plastic worm and it has just been catching fish like crazy for me! When the fish just won't bite, I know I can put one of those on and start putting fish in the boat.

  2. Hi guys, thanks for sharing this great and informative video! I love the very usefull tips and tricks, well done guys! Greetings from the Netherlands and bless you all, Pat.

  3. Yeah flipping a fluke in heavy cover is a well known technique at Smith lake in the buck brush, guys have been winning on it for 25 years, also at Guntersville in the pads and milfoil. It's not that big of a secret

  4. Hey Randy can you unblock me on your channel, all I did was disagree with you and prove you wrong. It's a bad look to block a guy for being right.

  5. The 7 inch super fluke is really fun to throw. So is the deps sakamata shad. That sakamata shad has an interesting action on the fall when you kill it

  6. Great video guys! I literally just caught my first fish on a fluke this year, today. It was another little sneaky trick. Small wacky/circle hook, hooked thru the nose of a 6S juggle minnow. 👌

  7. Hey Randy I was watching Brent ailer flipping a Yamamoto d shad into brush about 5 yrs ago in a bassmaster tournament. And when they showed what he was using I was surprised what he was using. Just figured you would like to hear that because of what you were talking about. Thanks for all the great tips you've given me in the past. Hey Randy I didn't forget about your other fluke trick with the straight shank hook coming out the bottom of the fluke God bless you and your family. Ps I hope everyone in the family is healthy and happy.

  8. All great tips and I have used most of the baits.. I'll still take my old 4 1/2 half inch sluggo weighted and fished and jerked off the bottom to any of the above. All it does is catch fish and it has never stopped doing it. I do fish it by letting it go to the bottom and then give it twitches on the way In. If you want to fish it fast on top you just don't let it sink and give it fast twitches. I weight it with a nail weight or use it on a weighted hook that is getting harder to find. Sometimes the best lures are the ones that have gotten forgotten by most people. I do love the channel.

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