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Easy Spinnerbait TRICKS That Drive Bass CRAZY in Cold Water

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Matt’s Equipment:
Berkley PowerBlade Compact DBl Colorado –
Berkley Powerbait The Champ Swimmer Swimbait –

Jimi’s Equipment:
Berkley PowerBlade Compact DBl Colorado –
War Eagle River Rat Spinnerbait –
LunkerHunt Impact Double Colorado Blade –
Booyah Kovert Single Colorado Blade –
Zoom Z-Craw –
Denali Kovert Lt 6’9 MH Spinnerbait Rod –
Sunline FC Sniper Fluorocarbon –

Randy’s Equipment:
Megabass SV3 Spinnerbait –

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  1. Great video
    Spinnerbait one of my top five lures

    Many times the first lure I toss

    Been tossing and catching decent bass with this confidence lure for over 30 years!!!!

  2. Johnny I feel like your missing a huge part of your audience but not using Garmin fish finders. I’d love to buy a guide from you , hell, I’d buy two for my Garmin side scan and LVS 34 settings

  3. Spinnerbaits are a great workhorse bait when it gets cold. I like to fish them along mud lines (where you can see a line separating chocolate milk water and cleaner water) and it works really well for me.

  4. Thanks guys. Really like spinnerbaits in the cold. Tell Randy thanks for using the nice shinny new examples, I have a few extra skirts if he needs them ( I know you can go without the skirt).

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