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Easy Jerkbait TRICKS That Drive Bass CRAZY in Cold Water

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Jonny’s Equipment:
Megabass Vision 110 +2 –
Gamakatsu Size 5 Round Bend Hook –
Gamakatsu Superline Split Rings –
Jonny’s YouTube Channel –

Matt’s Equipment:
Gamakatsu G-Finesse feathered treble Hook –
Berkley Stunna –
Matt’s YouTube Channel –

Kyle’s Equipment:
Megabass Vision 110 –
Gamakatsu G-Finesse Short Shank Treble Hook Size 6 –
Storm SuspenStrips –
Bullet Weight Split Shot –
Kyle’s YouTube Channel –

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  1. Gamakatsu couldn't give or pay me to use ANY of their crappy hooks don't matter worm hooks jig hooks, trebles I have had all of them bent out on me, even brand made jigs as in pig and jigs bend out, and like the 3rd guy says dump any hook u have 2 bend back cause it will bend out easier the next time
    I would be using owers or trapper and vmc hooks, they haven't let me down YET

  2. The feathered treble is a great tip! You guys really provided some great details on fishing jerkbaits. Have you considered picking out a few different jerkbait models and pointing out the differences between them?

  3. Great Info for this weekday warrior !!…..just starting to get into using JERK baits ( motherload lakes in California ) been throwing deep diver cranks so i'm used to deeper water fishing and the 110+1 caught my eye .( custom painted from local guy $10ea.. $5 sales & giveaways- Sanger Custom lures ) . not knowing what i should get they are all floaties and i put #6 G- Finesse on them… thanks for the useful tips !! bought those suspend strips 2 wks ago … looks like i need to add some bigger rings too 👊👍 adding a few $20-$25 for a Mega Bass is out of my Empty pocket range .. so I'll have to stick to using todays tips & adjusting the current menu

  4. Livescope has changed up how I want my Vision 110’s to suspend – I like a slight fade by changing the front hook. Seems like fish respond better to a slow fade, and you can control depth up and down better.

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