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Dominate Fall Bass Fishing By Applying These Tips!

The Bass Fishing Declassified team details why spinnerbaits can dominate in the fall! Use these tips to help you catch more bass!


Randy Blaukat’s Equipment:
1) Megabass SV-3 Spinnerbait –

Jonnyโ€™s Equipment
1) Abu Garcia Max X Casting Reel:
2) Sunline FC Sniper Fluorocarbon:
3) Denali Kovert Lite 7โ€™2 MH Rod –
4) Denali Kovert Lite 7’6″ H Rod –
5) Strike King Bottom Dweller Spinnerbait –
6) War Eagle Screamin Eagle Spinnerbait –

Matt Stefan’s Equipment –
1) Berkley Power Blade Compact Double Willow –
2) Berkley Power Blade Compact Double Colorado –
3) Fish Head Primal Spin –
4) Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon –

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  1. I really liked Mattโ€™s tips on River fishing for Smallies. My water temps are way colder than 60-70 degrees though. At what water temp does is a Spinnerbait become not as effective?

  2. Fluorocarbon is junk it's better to use 6 to 8lb monofilament line to cast further. Saltstrong did an abrasion resistance test an resistance on Fluorocarbon is alot lower then monofilament. Using 6 to 8lb will still give you resistance protection better than Fluorocarbon also 6 to 8lb will give you the ability to throw your line further. Just adjust your drag to 25% of 6 or 8lb test. 1.5 lb test for 6 lb an 1.5lb. Weight some sand 1.5 lb by after putting sand in bag then put onto scale. Then tie hook on fishing line tight then hook fish hook into bag. Soon as line slowly let's line off reel you know your drag is set correctly. If you use 8lb line put 2 lbs of sand in the bag hook line to bag once line slowly smoothly pulls line off drag your all set. You don't want line coming off reel too fast because you'll get bad tangles in your line

  3. This is an awesome channel and concept. The icing on the cake will be if you can get some on the water footage itโ€™ll challenges like Johnny and Randy used to do!

  4. A secret no one mentioned is rather than carrying a hundred spinner baits. I'll carry 15-20 of different weights an extra blades on a binder ring. This way I can taylor my bait without swapping the bait.

  5. If I could only fish with one bait for the rest of my life it would be a spinnerbait, or a jigโ€ฆ anyhow zillions of ways to mod these tasty critters that will absolutely make it irresistible for the wary big ones to smash! I get my baits from a local guy who hand makes them and Iโ€™ve never caught less than a two pounder on em and when they hit its full committal. 7ft Medium heavy, fast action from st. Croix with a revo 7.3:1 and 15lb flouro. Great vid thanks! As you can tell I get super excited about spinnerbaits ๐Ÿ˜…

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