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Do BIG Baits = BIG Bass? [Bull Shad Bacca Burrito SWIMBAIT]

Do big baits and lures = catching big bass? In this video we test the Bull Shad Bacca Burrito swimbait to see if bigger bass like big baits.

Want to try a Bacca Burrito of the other gear in the vid?

Bull Shad Bacca Burrito

Like the hat? Me too, check it out at MonsterBass

Swimbait rod and reel setup
Daiwa Tatula
Swimbait fishing rod

Good fishing line


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  1. Breaks one off on the boat flip – proceeds to continue to boat flip them 😂 you got some Balzz

    For real though – it’s really cool to see the way you set the hook on that bait where you reel down to make connection before sweeping the hook into them

  2. I have a couple burritos and I was wondering how you store them? I store all my swimbaits in there original package but the burritos came in a plastic bag and I don't want them to warp

  3. +1 sub only because your dog was cracking me up trying to lick/bite every fish you caught. All seriousness great video I have a couple of these swim baits on the way myself!

  4. Little late Mikey but burrito baits are fire thought that was a Burrito from Gail. Maybe a Collab? I have his 6 in shad with more of a wedge tail. His Burrito Gill caught some giants in Massachusetts last year including my buddy Mike Salvidios 7 14oz and 8 7o7

  5. Man I’m a swim bait junky after my 3 cast first time 2 oz swim bait fishing and I get 6-12 on a savage rtf 6in hitch . I figured it would be like jig fishing this time of year with one good bite maybe 🤔 but it was like one after another .

  6. I started fishing big swim baits about year n half ago now. That is a great bait!!! I'm a kayak fisherman & addicted to throwing big baits. Can't believe you're still boat flipping after breaking one off doing that! That's not a cheap bait. I'm a woose I don't do any boat/yak flipping I always net them. Broken my pb 3 times this past year fishing big swims. Definitely like your channel & you always catch good ones.

  7. Would love to fish with you the next time you are down near Sebring or wherever. Been following your channel since you started doing these vids. We’ve met a few times at Chobee and in Sebring where I live. Love to go flipping with you! Let me know! Until then keep grinding these vids! We’d be good in a partner tourney. Thanks for all your educational vids!

  8. These aren't new baits they've been around for years. Burrito Baits teamed up with Bullshad to increase supply to keep up with the demand for these baits.

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