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In today’s video, I go searching for the mysterious animal that has been eating my fish for over a month! After losing HUNDREDS of fish including my 2 rare paddlefish, I decided to drain my backyard pond and net all of the fish out to transport them somewhere more safe until we find out what’s eating them! We suspected the alligator came back and has been killing our fish, however… After catching out TONS of my pet fish including fire eels, oscars, arowanas, redtail catfish, cichlids, koi, AND MORE we discovered a highly venomous coral snake inside of my pond, but it looks like one of my fish attacked and killed it… After netting more fish out we started feeling something going around inside of my filter, and when we looked inside we discovered a MONSTER invasive snake living inside! We suspect that this 6ft snake was the one eating my fish so we removed it and were able to put my fish back into their home!



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  1. That Boa looked pretty pristine and very healthy. Didn't look like its been in the wild long, nor did it look like it was filled with ticks, or looked too mangled from fights…so Im gonna say Im about 95% sure it either got lose from someone else, or someone released it because they couldnt take care of it anymore.

  2. Oh ffs…you have raccoons. This is Florida..they eat everything in the pond,. You need to put up 3 wire electric fence 4" to 6" between wires around all of your ponds . Not doing it ensures you're going to lose alot more fish .

  3. My money is on a raccoon or another alligator. That boa would not have taken the volume of fish you're talking about in the short space of time.
    They'd be happy with a decent size rat or two every few weeks.

  4. And pythons don't kill humans and aren't known for.esfing fish or being a danger to humans at all, and same exact thing can be said about boasted yes its a released or lost pet

  5. Could be a milk snake or tri color hognose even if so it wouldn't hurt you guys it's venom isn't that potent and it uses venom for prey not predators plus no confirmed human deaths and honestly something else ate them not that definitely

  6. I see you filling your ponds with the garden hose, and it makes me wonder…Are you using city water, or is it well water? The pleco are awesome looking.

  7. Wow!! You know there’s trouble in paradise when Robs not even there to help in a crisis😮 Poor Rob. He’s such a nice guy. I guess your ego is just bigger than his hair😂😂

  8. It is venomous snake.. but that think cant eat those paddle fish. You said there was no dead fish… on with the video haha OOOoo yaa constrictor definitely is the thing eating your fish.. wrap around them, choke em and swallow. Hes eating good for sure !! Woww !! If it was released, they need to be shot. That thing is very, very friendly and looks like it was handled alot. There are places you can give them to, instead of letting them go. Hope it was an escape !! Was he in were the eels hang out ? should check to see if there is more, you have a bunch of them

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