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Creating a Goldfish Lure! (BIG Bass Caught)

Designing a goldfish fishing lure with my buddy TK that actually catches big bass! Subscribe for more fishing videos

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Goldilox Squarebill:

Check out TK’s website for more custom painted creations

Rod: 7′ St. Croix Avid:
Reel: Lews Magnesium
Line: 17 lb

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  1. Thanks for all the tips on how to catch big bass it help me catch my PB of 4.32 kg (9.5 lb) with a big worm. I enjoy the videos from you and Liz fishing i learn a lot from them. and i like your bass pond I follow it from the start. Just a big thanks from Willie in South Africa

  2. Man that’s some great fishing and a fantastic bait!!!!! I’m subscribing now hopefully I’ll win. I’ll do a video review of this product on my YouTube channel

  3. I would like to see a very realistic looking herring color in a crankbait oftentimes manufacturers make them either too blue or too green. There is a fine line in there that I'm sure that TK can hit along with some of the more subtle details.

  4. A channa micropeltes (The giant snakehead)would be an incredible color way to test TK! A swimbait painted with that design gives alot of room for detail!

  5. I would like to have comic book hero themed baits. My grandfather was a huge comic nerd and an avid fisherman and got me started young. Would be awesome for his two lives to be combined. Great way to take him fishing with me now after losing him.

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