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Common Jerkbait Fishing Mistakes That Cost You Bass

Jerkbaits have been a versatile lure to catch bass for decades! Check out today’s video for common mistakes that anglers make when using a jerkbait that can cost you bites.

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  1. Great video. Please keep up the good work guys! 2 Questions…

    Kyle – Those bait sacks look great. What size do you suggest for 110 size jerk baits? What size for small A-rigs, like a flash mob jr?

    Matt – Do you know if Berkley will be coming out with a Stunna Jr.?


  2. I bought a St. Croix jerkbait rod and it’s the first and only rod from the piles I own from them that really sucks. I have to do custom rods because I’m a whopping 5’6” and although my Falcon is slightly taller off the water at the bow I still need a 6’2” or I’m slapping water. For cadence when it below 50 I’ll let that bugger soak for 30 seconds or more and just twitch it once! Otherwise I vary cadence until I find way they like, FFS is really how you can figure out what they like!

  3. Love the "look for baitfish" tip. Much more efficient than fishing every spot and locating baitfish (vs. bass) would make it quicker/easier to locate potentially productive spots with less chance of spooking the fish.

  4. Good tips on jerkbaits. Yes the right rod is very important. I moved from baitcaster to spinning rod/reel for my jerkbait. I can cast it farther.

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