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Chickamauga: Fishing for a Boat!!! Big Bass Tour 2018!!!

You can’t ask for a better fishing buddy that Chris Sumrell (Bass Attitude Fishing)… I was debating back and forth on whether or not to fish the Big Bass Tour this year because I had no practice time due to other trips. Early on Friday afternoon Chris called and said he had caught some giants and wanted to know if I wanted to WIN A BOAT!!! The rest is history lol. Stay Tuned for PART Two. Y’all make sure to check out my bro Chris and pick up some of his merch.

Music: Ehrling – Champagne Ocean

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  1. So you have to weigh in every hour? What if you dont have one to weigh? I thought about entering this on lake norman. Not exactly sure how it works

  2. I'm fishing the big bass tour at smith mountain lake this spring, I fished it last year but the thru hull fitting on my R93VS cracked so there was a 3/4 in hole in the back and I had to have the bilge pump running all day. I hope this year goes better lol.

  3. Great vid. Got a ? for you. I know love throwin a lipless crankbait, i do as well. I'm just curious what's ur cut off point as far as water temp goes for throwing a lipless. What's the warmest water you'll throw it in.

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