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  1. If I want to keep the silver blade and get rid of the shine I will take fine grit sandpaper and sand the blades. And some of the blades have a dull copperish look afterwards

  2. For me, I always find that the best bladed jig trailers are the fluke-style baits. They still have plenty of action in the water, but there's no claws or boot tail to inhibit the crazy action that a chatterbait has from that blade. I tell guys who have trouble catching fish on a bladed jig to try switching the trailer out to a fluke or spunk shad style of plastic. And with that extra action, I find that I have to do less as an angler to impart action on that bait. I can swim it, or rip it and the bait does all the work for me.

  3. That OG chatterbait is responsible for 2 of my top 3 biggest bass. That and of course the knowledge provided by the Bass Fishing Declassified team!

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