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Chatterbait Fishing Rules You Need To Follow For Big Spring Bass

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  1. I'm late to the bladed jig game, only been fishing it a couple of years. But your tips are fantastic! Hoping to shorten my learning curve. I've been building my bladed jig arsenal though! Keep the content coming! Thanks!

  2. Excellent tips, gents! I am going to have to give that Slobberknocker a try! Jimmy wants to know my favorite bladed-jig retrieve… I use the slow roll the most and that's my fav but I know I need to start using the yo-yo more for coaxing reaction strikes. Kyle said that's how you trick the big ones and I think he's right.

  3. Believe it or not! I caught my PB that day I told you guys about. 8.9lbs! Working that lipless just like randy was talking about! Thank you for the jerkey! Stoked! I'll reach out. Thanks again! Just loving fishing right now.

  4. Just ordered several chatterbaits in preparation for the pre-spawn period so your tips are very timely. I am in East Texas and my lake is chock full of stumps, no grass, and so I will try the slow craw retrieve. Thanks for the info. Ps. Nice skip cast Jimi at the beginning of the video!

  5. Anyone else catch that 2 of the guys gave opposite advice on if the chatterbait trailer causing the body to roll was a good thing or not? Maybe depends on what state your fishing.

  6. Bass Fishing Declassified is awesome. Professional opinion – Johnny behind the camera is better than Johnny in front of the camera. Keep the others upfront. I’m still watching either way, but…

  7. Really liked the tip from Matt Stefan, I usually throw a single bladed Colorado spinnerbait in spring for river and spillways,spillway, to give the chatterbox a try

  8. Matt S.
    I appreciated your tip on River fishing. I’m assuming (very basic question, I’m learning) you want or cast up River and bring the ChatterBait back down stream with the flow of the river?

  9. One tip I learned from B Latimer a while ago on chatterbait fishing was for fishing highly pressured water where bass have seen and shy away from the same fished lures…B Lat said to take the skirt off your chatterbaits and just use your fav trailer. That tip worked so well for me at my local pond/lake…couldn’t catch one on a skirted vibrating jig….but my 1st day using a skirt-less one, I hooked 6 bass (landed 4)….this was in a body of water where the predominant bass food was threadfin Shad and silver-side minnows.

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