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Chatterbait Fishing Lure Tips and How They Work Underwater (Underwater Bass Fishing Lures)

Chatterbaits are excellent bass fishing baits. They are also called bladed jigs or vibrating jigs, and are used frequently by bass anglers. Z-man chatterbaits are the most common and the original chatterbaits, but other bladed jigs are available too, like the Strike King Thunder Cricket. Here we use underwater slow-motion video to demonstrate how chatterbaits work, and tips and techniques to catch more bass with chatterbaits.

What is the Best Chatterbait? (Chatterbait comparison video)

These chatterbaits are seen in the video:
Z-man Original Chatterbait
Z-man Custom Chatterbait
Z-man ProjectZ Chatterbait
Z-man Elite Chatterbait
Z-man Jackhammer Stealthblade
Z-man Jackhammer
Strike King Thunder Cricket
Strike King 4-inch Rage Craw Trailer
Strike King 2.75-inch Rage Swimmer Trailer
Berkley “The Champ” Minnow Trailer



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  1. Went fishing last Sunday. 4-20-23. It's 5 o'clock and it's partly cloudy and the winds blowing 20 to 25 mph . South to the North. I am fishing a triangle shaped 3 acre pond. My reel is a Quantum KVD Smoke S3 PT reel 6 to1. 30pd Suffix braiding moss green. The rod is a Berkley Cherrywood HD MH 7' baitcaster. Got around to the north side and it's 75 degrees. I am using a 1/2 oz White and CHARTREUSE skirted with a White StrikeKing swimbait trailer. Garlic CHARTREUSE Spike it on the legs. I caught 17 Largemouth in 17 casts. It lasted about 20 minutes. Then The " Flurry " ended. But, It was a great 20 minutes. The biggest was 3.5 pounds. Yes, The Chatterbait is a great bait anytime. Shawn.

  2. I just started throwing Chatterbaits this year, but I haven't had any luck yet. I get bites on my Spinnerbaits, but they don't seem to like the Chatterbaits in my lake.

  3. Bouncing chatters off debris is dangerous , you can easily snag that hook because it’s bare and sticking so far up , I don’t recommend bottom fishing with them either , other than that I’d say this video is great , just don’t forget that the bare hook like that is always waiting to get snagged

  4. I just found ur channel and I have to say I really like it! Def got a subscription from me. You are clear, concise and to the point in your assessments and teachings. Love it 🤙🤙

  5. Do you think 🤔 a chatter bait can be fished vertically? I jig for Lake Trout in 100 feet of water. Lakers chase lures retrieved straight up and I'd like to add a chatter blade to my 2 ounce marabou jigs and crank them straight up. Will 2 oz be too heavy for the blade to impart action?

  6. For us , learning these things are very useful, even so there is more trout and salmon on pacific NWest than bass * what's really counts is your professional presentation- rest will come with practicing @ site, many thanks for your dedicated video 👍👍👍

  7. I love your format of videos with the underwater footage. I am new to fishing and I'm trying to learn the different lures And this is perfect so keep up the great work brother!

  8. I JUST moved to chatter baits today. It was 103 today and I landed a 3lb smallie using a strike king chatter with a power bait pit boss as a trailer.

    Worked awesome.

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