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Catching Ultra Rare Miami Canal Fish! (Burn The Ships ep. 2)

In episode 2 of the Burn The Ships series Trey and myself travel down to South Florida to chase the ultra rare and exotic Floridian fish! We linked up with some of Florida’s greatest fishermen so they could help us make this happen. Huge shoutout to @BassFishingProductions @RobsAquatics @stackz954 and everyone else that helped out! Leave a LIKE and don’t forget to Subscribe!

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  1. Hay do know if ayo is ok it been about a month since his last video just wondering if they dude is okay I have seen norm in your video butt if that old look for them on island from his last video

  2. Sup TJ, trey, norm lol. Love it, some fish should catch and cook contest👍, keep up great work, tyvm tc 🎣

    PS, bobby knows the fish and spots, saw him catch clownfish was cool, maybe make another video with him?

  3. Again YouTubers blow my mind .. I literally just started checked out Rob and Bobby’s channels recently …
    Love colabs .
    Norm introduced me to Lojo , Ayo , you , then googan . Now my YouTube nots never stop …😂😂🎉🎉

  4. Kill everyone you catch. Throw them on the bank because this crap is getting out of control. People say there’s nothing you can do so what ever. Kill anything that’s not native is what I say.

  5. Absolute 🔥🔥🔥, as always yakpak and his team work incredibly hard to make a good video, YALL please get the man to 500,000 by the end of the year💪🏻✌🏼

  6. In the mid west where I,m from , we’re told by fish & game , that if we catch a snakehead to kill it on site & not to put it back into the water ways .

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