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In today’s video, my friends and I find fish TRAPPED in flooded sewers after a massive storm here in south Florida! We found snakeheads, catfish, and bass in these puddles and tried our best to catch them out!

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  1. My mom is not home yet but she said that her dad will be there tomorrow and I told him that you would come and pick them and I said well you don’t need me there and I told you I was coming and you didn’t even tell her I said well I’m here

  2. This reminded me when the pond next to my house flooded and almost half the park was covered with water. Then, there were fish swimming down the street and I actually saw a crab crossing the road.

  3. I understand you feel bad. But stop putting snakeheads back in the water. They are gonna eat all the fish that you like. People are the only predators they have. You have to be smart and listen to the bigger picture.

  4. As a citizen of Florida, it should be your obligation to kill invasive species like snakeheads, peacock bass (cichla ocellaris ,) and clarias. Open a side channel showing how to catch, clean, and cook invasive species! Start a trend!

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