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Catching HUGE Fish on GIANT Livebait! (Bank Fishing)

In this livebait fishing video this giant bait catches massive fish! I’ve been livebait fishing a lot recently just to switch it up! Have you ever been livebait fishing? When’s the last time you went livebait fishing? What’s the biggest fish you’ve caught while livebait fishing? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / livebait fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on the cat fish videos / giant livebait fishing videos. Now lets go catch some massive fish while livebait fishing with this giant bait!

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  1. Great video dude I love u stuff. Just one thing with the cat fish I am a big fisherman and love catching cat fish but if u hold there stomach with one hand and then use the grippers for the mouth they can’t spine u

  2. I’ve caught sharks on baby tilapia from cast net in our lake and used as live bait in the harbor basically like pin fish they stay alive long too

  3. I bottom fish live bait with a Carolina rig, circle hook through the belly, if you go through the back with a weight down below, he’ll turn upside down when he swims. Belly hook for bottom, back hook for the bobber

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