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Catching HUGE Bass on Buzzbaits

Keith Combs has a run and gun power fishing style that has made him very successful in professional bass fishing. But he also likes to keep things very simple without overthinking it too much. When it comes to a buzzbait he has a super simple approach that leads him to a bunch of big bass catches. He does a lot of simple things like leave off the trailer or trailer hook and focus more on color to get them to commit. And he never lets water temperature determine when he’ll fish it.

Some good bass in this video fall for the buzzbait and that’s just a small fraction of what he caught on it during this shoot.

-Strike King Tour Grade Buzzbait:
-Shimano Curado DC Casting Reel:
-Shimano Expride Casting Rod:
-Seaguar Smackdown Braided Line, Stealth Gray:
-Strike King Plus Polarized Sunglasses, Cypress:

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  1. I remember fishing a club tourney with my dad when i was about 12 in July. Hotter than the 7th realm of hell in south alabama and the bite all but quit around lunch. I star6ed throwing a buzzbait bc hell nothing else was getting a bite. Caught a 3.5lber and 5lber on back to back casts on a log just barely under the water. Won the tournament and won biggest bass. Far as everyone else was concerned they were caught on a carolina rig with a 2' leader and a 3/16th oz weight with a pink trick worm.

  2. My main reason I love buzzbaits so much (aside from the fact that they catch toads) is the simplicity in the lure, you just reel it fast enough that it stays on top, and it just does the work for you

  3. Man I started throwing buzzbaits here in OK in FEB and was catching all bigger females and now it’s April and the first wave hadn’t even came up yet!! Water was mid 40s in feb and they were smoking a buzzbait

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