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Catching GIANT Bass in Ultra CLEAR Water (Winter Fishing)

In this bass fishing video I go fishing for giant bass in ultra clear water while winter fishing. Winter fishing can be tough but can also produce some giant bass! I got me a few giant spotted bass in this video as well as showed off my new drone! What is your favorite winter fishing lure? What’s your biggest winter fishing bass fishing year? Do you go winter bass fishing often? Have you ever fished ultra clear water while bass fishing? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / winter bass fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on the giant bass fishing videos / clear water bass fishing videos. Now lets go catch some giant bass while fishing ultra clear water in the winter!

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  1. Give this YouTuber some love he does all this work for you guys to like the video not dislike if your not a fan plz don't dislike it makes me sad that my favorite Youtuber gets dislikes

  2. Hi kickinTHeirBASSTV love love content. Also do you think you can help my fishing channel out my dream is to have 1000 subscribers I rilly wont to be like you

  3. Love the channel and the content, you SLAY'EM but 1 spot had me confused. You caught it on a white under spin swimbait then said you caught it on a shaky head worm.??

  4. Good stuff dude. Drone is Def gonna expand your page & content. I picked one up a couple months ago and love it, awesome shots. Only downside is flight time/battery.

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