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In today’s video, we go back to the exotic flowerhorn canal with a cast net to try and catch tons of these rare fish for my backyard pond!!



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  1. My son likes you. I stop him from watching, liking and subscribing because you say “oh my god” and “holy crap” too much. I would prefer he speak with a higher level of respect. You think any other mothers feel this way? Other than that, great job! Very entertaining.

  2. Awesome content! Please share this location! I live in Palm Beach I breed and raise flowerhorn and I love to fish it would be awesome to go there

  3. Okay I have to comment again, this is a fav video because that is one beautiful fish. If I lived in Florida I would be doing the same thing, catching and saving fish. Definitely getting an aquarium.

  4. why you not release after you catch? how if 100 angler like you, 100 catch that fish and not realese from that river? 👎

  5. Hey i wanna know where did you catch flower horns exactly. I wanna take my son there we are bog fans of you. Pls respond

  6. I'm unsubscribing from your channel. Your insistence on feeding lizards to your fish is nothing short of brutal and sadistic. Your excuse about them being invasive doesnt hold up when your fish are way more invasive and do much more damage environmentally then Brown Anoles do.

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