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Catching BIG BASS on Lake Somerville! (Guy yells at us for fishing??)

Went to Plan B after the lake we wanted to fish was closed due to coronavirus…..ended up catching some big ones! Had 23 pounds for our best 5 on topwater in the morning and dragging in the afternoon. Guy yells at us for fishing a hole for “too long” and not catching them, hope he sees this video of us catching the snot out of them!!

Topwater: 7’2″MH Castaway Skeleton, Shimano SLX, 6th Sense MagDog
Dragging: 7’2″H Castaway Skeleton, Curado K, 6th Sense Stroker Craw 3.3 on Core-X 1/2oz Swing Head



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  1. That dude was out there mad dogging me hard like he was waiting for me to say something while I was trolling snake island two weeks ago. His old lady always rides in that spot like she’s some kind of president or something. What a pair…..

  2. Hey guys how’s it going I’m not too familiar with Lake Somerville but I decided to be spontaneous and reserve a camping trip at the state park. Again not familiar with it but I was wondering if you could give some decent fishing tips for mid February. Thanks for good content

  3. Great video guys! Don't pay any attention to the white haired jerk. The lake belongs to us all and if the guy was worth anything as a fisherman, he should have been able to go anywhere else on the lake to catch fish. You did the right thing and just kept fishing! Really enjoyed the video and you guys killed em…good job!
    Andy K.

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