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Catching BIG Bass in HIDDEN Creeks (River Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we catch giant bass in dirt shallow water while river fishing! It’s been a very long time since we’ve done some river fishing on the savannah river. We found some giant bass living dirt shallow. Have you ever gone river fishing? Do you like river fishing? Have you ever caught a giant bass while river fishing? Have shallow have you gone bass fishing? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / river fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on the giant bass fishing videos / shallow water bass fishing videos. Now let’s go catch some giant bass in dirt shallow water while river fishing!


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  1. man this is so depressing for me to watch this got me so excited i loved the video man youre freakin awesome but fishing here in north west louisiana sucks , ive never had a day where i get this many bites, its one or 2 bites and the rest is history. It makes me wanna cry sometimes lmao

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