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Catching BIG BASS in a SWIMMING POOL! (not clickbait)

In today’s video, I was out filming a different video where I caught fish on lizards, but a big lightning storm came in so I had to take shelter at an abandoned house by the pond. when I was waiting for the lightning storm to pass I noticed there was bass, bluegill, and other fish in the pool behind the house so I decided to catch them!



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  1. Yo i saw your vid from your tiktok and and i watch your profile and i saw the um a your youtube and i watch it and i keeped on watching you youtube ang after that i sub……… Can i have a shout out

    I love you man

  2. Hi..i just came across to your video..n i imidiately suscribe..nice content..i love bass fishing..keep it up bro..n yes u need to set them free thats the more human thing to do..n how they get there ..i think if no one put them there it might have had some flooding ..the water level rose and the fish moved in as the current in that phool would have been stable n its deep..n also as there is bait fish inside i am just guessing..

  3. There’s a drainage pipe leading right into the pool more than likely when the pond overflows the pipe drains into the water and the baby fish get caught in there

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