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Catch 3X More Bass With These Swimbait Rigging Tips

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  1. I've been catching some big ones using a 4.5 in spunk shad. missile baits or hog farmer spunk shad both work and I use white pearl for hog farmer version or the pearl purple or whatever they call it, which just looks white really for the missile version on the 3/8oz 4/0 hook tush and the letting it hit the bottom past the fish and reeling real fast 4 or 5 reels and stopping and letting it hit the bottom again, then four or five reels and so on pretty much like a hair jig and they've been nailing it, even if they aren't biting the hair jig. The other retrieve, when they don't respond to that one is starting the same as first but you have rod tip high and for each reel, you pull at the same time about a 8 in to a foot per pull as you do a single reel simultaneously, which moves it about a couple feet per pull/reel and you do that 3 or 4 times consecutively one right after the other and let it go back to bottom on semi slack line after each set it will come up between 4 to 6 ft off the bottom after doing it. I've cought hundreds if not over a thousand fish doing these two retrieves with this one bait fishing it these two different ways in the last month alone. I fish with a lot of other baits as well, so that really says something about how good this is.

  2. For my swim bait set up I ordered the hooks to match my line size. Then I simply wrap lead wire around the hook to match the weight I need. By wrapping the wire around the hook I can get a perfect balance to make different baits set perfectly horizontal. Add a touch of super glue to the bait and wire . Now you have a low cost DIY setup.👍

  3. I can confirm that the TUSH hook is money. It's really a different way to present a swimbait and it opens up some options you don't necessarily have with a ball-head jig or belly-weighted hook. I use them to almost drag along the bottom and keep that bait low in the water column. You can feel that bait working in the rod tip because of strong that prevalent that belly roll is.

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