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Cast to catch Giant Bass on a Pizz Swimbait / Diamond Valley lake Keeps pushing out Big Bass

The bite continues at Diamond Valley lake for me as I struggle to keep putting big fish on the boat using big swimbaits #fishelite #bigswimbaits #diamondvalleylake #bassfishing #largemouthbass


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  1. I’ve noticed this at DVL as well. Only massive hit I had there was on a drop shot from a 7-5, otherwise even jerkbait fish are subtle bites. Almost as if they ambush it and just suck it in

  2. I was heart broken last night at Menifee lakes, throwing a Carolina rig with a 10” paddle tail worm around 9pm and hooked into a giant bucket mouth and she spit the hook after her second flight out of the water! I was so stoked and didn’t keep her under water pinned! She had my PB beat for sure! Which was a DVL 7.13 chunk! Do you ever fish over there at the lakes?

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