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Can The Snake Lure Catch A River Monster?

Fishing a snake lure hoping to tangle into a big pike or muskie!

Gear used on this trip:

Lure: Savage Gear 3D Snake

Rod: St Croix BassX 6’6″ MH F

Reel: Quantum VP100HPT

Line: Power Pro Super Slick V2 30lb

Leader: Daiwa J-fluoro 50lb

Net: Ozark Trail brand from Walmart


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  1. That proves that Muskies are EASY to catch. NOT. Most guys would have turned a two Musky video into an hour and a half. Both had scars on their backs so there must be a lot of big fish in there or they had a fight. This was fun to watch. Thanks!

  2. I used to have an eakerr shaker,a plastic lip that you put plastic worms on and would give you that killer snake action.the small and largemouth bass went crazy over it.

  3. Thats why its called "Fishing" not "Catching" . Period been fishing my whole life and best advice i can give is to learn how to be content relaxing in the nature and if you catch anything its a bonus. So then no matter what at end of day if your relaxed you won and your not discouraged

  4. Awesome kayak adventures! It's not easy landing those river "gators" in a yak! I've done it. Had a "green" one inside the yak one time that unhooked itself. Treble was in my calf, didn't hurt, I couldn't get it out myself, Doctor are place used same pair or pliers with a nurse sitting on my leg to press hook thru & cut barb. (I tried that on river so I could continue fishing that day). Sigh…..rk

  5. Many years ago (40) I worked with a kid who was always catching monster bass. He told me he used live garter snakes he caught and would rubber band them to a hook, then cast them onto the lilly pads.

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