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California Heatwave Fishing: When Hot Weather Turns Fish into Frog Hunters!

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Turned away at Lake Pardee so what do we do, head to the Delta of course!!!

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  1. Caleb you gotta get your wife a seat for her! Making her sit on the deck, come in now 😂. Tell her that poor f little fish couldn’t help but overcompensate, but she did call him out on it, “little man syndrome “ lmfao. Good luck tonight on the delta!

  2. Good video man. Those were some nice fish you & your wife was catching. I also like how you was fishing with flip flops 🩴 on man. I am a huge huge huge fan of flip flops 🩴. That all I wear all year around even when it's cold outside I am wearing my flip flops 🩴. I don't own a pair of shoes or socks because I have big very very Extremely wide feet 🦶 sz15 6E wide with very chubby fat wide toes that are Evenly straight across making my foot very very Extremely wide at 6 1/2 inches wide from my big toe to my lil toe. It's a very very extremely wide foot I have. But I love my chubby fat wide toes that are Evenly straight across & so do my wife. Keep rocking the flip flops 🩴 man.

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