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In today’s video, I go shopping for SCARY fish on the dark web! I end up buying a venomous freshwater lion fish to put into my new 55 gl tank! Comment more fish suggestions to put into the ugly fish tank!



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  1. Red-lipped Batfish (Ogcocephalus darwini)

    Another bottom-dweller inhabiting the waters around the Galapagos Islands, it would be an understatement to say that the Red-lipped Batfish is an unusual fish THIS FISH LOOKS LIKE IT IS WEARING red lipstick could be cool for a girl have a look it is fab xxx debbie xxxxx

  2. I had a freshwater fish called a Morgunda goby. It looked kind of similar. It buried itself under the sand. All you would see was his eyes, when a goldfish swam close enough it would inhale it. It happened so fast all you would see is a cloud of gold sclaes. It was about 3 inches when I got it. It was almost 8 when it died. Awesome fish!!! Get one!!!

  3. After that closeup, he looks like a stonefish…don't touch him again until you've had him identified…if he is a stonefish, I can't believe people are selling these over the internet…

  4. Dude, do your parents know what you're doing? I can see news headlines, "Teenager killed while handling venomous species, parents unaware son had a Youtube channel"…

  5. When you take a fish out of the water you need to hurry up and go to more water so the fish can breathe the fish can't breathe their mouth opens up on the American girl starts Miguel starts like possum

  6. If the fish has a warning on it and you put in a tank with your all your other fish they might die so you might want to take those fish out if there's any fish in the tank

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