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Bullet Mullet, Bass Fishing, Henry Gilbey

Bullet Mullet, Bass Fishing, Henry Gilbey

Henry talks about the Bullet Mullet Surface lure, what its designed to do, how and when it is best fished and the conditions it favours.


Sometimes, a classic is all we need to get the job done. But why settle for a classic when you
can have an even better version? The Bullet Mullet looks like a classic walker lure, but it offers
so much more. Perfectly resembling a mullet, it’s a super distance caster with incredibly steady
flight and easy walking that comes into its own on calm days. Equipped with a discreet rattle to
grab a fish’s attention but not spook it, the Bullet Mullet will expose its side with each swing of
its walking action, showing the complete profile of the lure. The special micro foam on the gills
helps to produce tiny bubbles for added attraction. An ideal lure to target any predatory fish that
patrols the surface with a wide variety of sizes available to cover LRF, light game and sea bass
fishing too.
• Micro foam structure
• Ultra-long cast design
• Ultimate walk-the-dog action
• Built-in discreet rattle
• SGY Saltwater UAR 3X NP trebles (55#16) (80#10) (100#5) (112#4)


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  1. Hey guys, you could catch a lot of fish with this lure. Go to places streams or rivers connect to the sea. This is the places the sea bass goes. We do this also in Greece. Rod 10-30 15-35, 4000 machine,

  2. Does its head stick up on stop? I'm getting to hate that, especially on 'panic prey' when their heads won't stay down on the retrieve. Where, outside of a Stargazy Pie, do fishes heads stick up like that? Not around here anyway. Raymondo.

  3. Markos Vidalis hi make the most savege salt lures and is a member of savege gear Greece on of the best Greek sea spinning fisherman's herny and markos du a great job well done SAVAGE

  4. henry check out my custom pattern i.s.p. seeker on my channel if you get a min, in 3 sessions ive had 5 sea-trout lost about 6 with it and lost count of the follows, pretty sure bass would nail it 2 👍👍

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