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Bristol Channel Bass Fishing- My Light Tackle Approach

At this time of year I love nothing more than hitting the shallow, muddy waters of the channel with light tackle in pursuit of bass.
This simple method for getting amongst the fish is great fun and really gets the adrenaline pumping when the fish are on the feed.

Unfortunately, getting the combination of fish and decent weather to align on the day is never easy and this video was shot on an especially damp and dreary afternoon.
Hopefully, it still stands up as an explanation of my preferred bass fishing method here on the upper Bristol Channel coast. If you like this one, there may well be another light tackle video in the future, hopefully under more pleasing weather conditions!


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  1. Thanks. Spent a lot of my bass fishing free lining whenever I could with some great results tbh. Since moving down here it's been all walk back and chesil……………….will be nice to get the old daiwa bass rod and whisker carp rods out again…….love light line/low lead fishing…..even watching your line start moving away from you…..Exciting!

  2. A great selection of recent videos, which shows your knowledge and angling skill off very well. This bass one was spot on. In a moment of madness I sold my gear except for a bass rod and reel! The cod seasons seem to get worse and worse, so after 2006 i gave it up, but there is plenty more bass about these days. YouTube is great way to feed the passion – I might just rig up, thinking Mod might work for the same tactics as the river floods?

  3. Top production Jansen, very clear and like the idea of being mobile. Though local knowledge vital as with most tides and exit routes. Your prep of that crab had me thinking about weedless style baiting.
    Do you think they came on because of the dark? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Does that spot produce many thornys? Looks ideal place to get tucked out of the wind . Nice vid makes a change to see some bass fishing in the BC๐ŸŽฃ๐ŸŽฃ๐ŸŸ

  5. Great vids. Going to try the channel soon. Got a diawa tournament rod, 3 price fixed spool 14ft,no idea why their called tournament but their brilliant rods for the money.

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