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Breaking TWO Personal Bests with the TOPWATER SPOOK (Summer Largemouth Bass Fishing)

My buddy and I decided to do a sunrise Topwater send on the canoe, but to our surprise the bite was pretty bad…despite the fact it was less than 5mph winds all morning! We made some quick adjustments by switching from prop lures to slow walking spooks, and let’s just say that change made some pretty BIG differences that morning

Spook my friend caught his PB on ➜
Spook I caught my PB on ➜



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  1. The amount of times i heard “big fish” was incredible. I also heard “fish” a ton. I dont hear that a lot where i fish and i fish everyday. Trout fishing is annoying trout are finicky and there no bass where i live so I haven’t caught a fish in a month and a half

  2. I run 25 lbs mono on my pole I mostly catch bass
    I caught a 6 or 7 lbs bass is my biggest but I'm only 14 so I have a chance to get bigger

  3. After starting to watch your videos I got into using spooks and learning top water fishing and it is by far my favorite now!

  4. I've caught many Black Bass in my life, but I have yet to be blessed with a Spook catch. I've tossed it for hours and never been fortunate enough to get a hit.

  5. I actually broke my personal best largemouth today, and then broke it again an hour later. I only have a few pictures but they were taken on a wacky rig, and the bigger one was the length of my torso!

    Your videos have gotten me back into freshwater fishing, and I think I’m addicted now. Thanks for helping me find my favorite hobby again.

  6. U should shout out ur full length videos at the end of your shorts sometimes, theyre just as quality but i think a lot of your followers/viewers think youre a shorts channel 🙂

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